T-Minus One Year and Counting!

I was awoken this morning by my amazing fiancé with a surprise card & gift. The occasion? Today marks one year from our official wedding date! The card with it’s cute little tropical look represents the honeymoon cruise we are planning & the gift is a large collage frame full of photos he used in his proposal video! He also included the plane tickets from the “secret” flight he took to Louisiana to ask my Dad for my hand. The center photo, was the moment caught on film as he proposed and I said YES!



My Valentine!

A few months ago we booked a hotel for Valentines night in the French Quarter so it was perfect mini-vacation within a vacation! When we checked in Rich told them we were just engaged so the hotel upgraded our room to a great two story suite!! We spent the next 24 hours acting like lovesick kids and eating and drinking our way through the French Quarter. So much fun!