Project 365 – Happy Birthday!!!

I can’t believe I made it one year – 365 days of photos! It was much harder than I thought but for different reasons that I had imagined. Some days were easy, a birthday or special event, a celebration or just taking pictures of a beautiful day outdoors. Some days I had to get creative and search out something interesting to shoot a photo of, or just be creative trying to snap a candid shot of someone in my life. On some days I was just lazy and posted a lame photo – sorry! And some days were not so great and I had to struggle to find something positive to post as to not dwell on that bad day.

All in all this was a fun, insightful experience and I what I love most about it is that I find myself searching out the best part of my day on a subconscious level just to have something positive to end the day on. And although I am not going to continue with a daily photo, I still plan on chronicling all the fabulous adventures ahead for my family, my friends and myself.

So for now, here are some of the highlights from the last 365 days of my life – enjoy! πŸ™‚

Project 365 from Heidi Parfrey on Vimeo.


The Proposal


Back story: Rich told me that he had a business trip earlier in the week and would be in San Fransisco for two days. He travels so often I didn’t think anything of it at all. In reality, he had flown to New Orleans to ask my dad for his permission to propose to me. (So perfect for a Southern Girl!) While he was there he spent the day with my family and took some photos that would end up in the proposal video. When I arrived in New Orleans I had no idea what was in store…

We arrived early in the afternoon and I was HUNGRY! I knew my dad had picked up boiled crab for us (one of my absolute favorite foods) and was waiting for us at his house so when Rich said he wanted to go by the hotel first to shower and change I thought I was going to lose my mind! But I also know how he feels better after a quick shower so I very sweetly said “sure babe, no problem”. πŸ˜‰ We arrived at the hotel and he (knowing there would be a LOT of photo taking coming up) asked if I wanted to clean up too, my response “no, I just want to eat some crab!”! He was being very particular about what he wanted to wear and me being completely clueless was on the verge of having a meltdown if I didn’t get some food so I was pushing him out the door. Anyhow, we finally left the hotel and headed to my dad’s place.

When we got there, me, not knowing the three little ones had already seen Rich earlier in the week and were charged with keeping a very BIG secret – were doing a fabulous job playing off that they hadn’t seen us in a year! The only slip was when Rheanna said “It’s YOU again!” to Rich and my sister Roxy quickly added “I know, you saw him last year!!”. Sneaky, sneaky!

So the rest of the day must had been painfully slow to poor Rich, we sat and visited (and I finally got my crab!), went through old photos, played with the kids, played with the bunny (Betty Bunny Boop), drank some Chocolate Wine – my dad started a toast but then took this huge pause (now I know why), a friend of my sister stopped by for a visit, Rich helped update some software for my dad, oh man, he must have been losing his mind!

Rich had brought Despicable Me (as a cover story) for the kids to watch so they kept asking to put the movie in and I wanted to get it over because at that point I was ready to wrap it up. I was getting sleepy so Rich kept giving me Diet Cokes to drink and was so persistent about us watching the movie with the kids – and I was still completely oblivious! Finally we start getting the video set up and I was preoccupied writing a text, I didn’t notice everyone pulling out their cameras… The video starts and Rich tells me to pay attention and I’m thinking “to the previews?” and that’s when I looked up and saw photos of us flashing across the TV screen… I was completely confused and said something like “What are we doing on TV??” Then it started to dawn on me what was happening…

The video was the most amazing, thoughtful, heartfelt and just incredible expression of love – words just don’t seem to do it justice! He captured moments with us, our family and friends that are so precious to me. I would have been brought to a sobbing mess had it not been for Rheanna’s hilarious commentary as the video played out! He said he could not look at me as I watched it because he would not be able to stay composed but as the video ended, he turned to me and whispered “Heidi, I love you so very much”. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Zach was brilliant and captured the whole thing on video and thankfully he did because because I would not have remembered how I reacted (aside from saying yes of course!) but I was nodding my head yes and threw myself in his arms!

I’ve thought about how this day (as every girl does) and how it would happen and the magic of it all but I never in a million years would have imagined it taking place like this with my family all around me in the house that I grew up in – I never could have imagined a proposal more perfect than this. I am beyond excited to start the journey of the rest of our lives with this man that I love deeply with all of my heart and soul.