Rich had told me back in November that he ordered me a present but it was on backorder. On Friday he told me it had arrived but the caveat was that we had to leave the house at 6am on Saturday – there was going to be a long line for this mystery item! He told me to dress warmly because it would be cold and wear the right boots because it might rain. That morning, when we got in the car he blindfolded me and drove all over the place trying to throw me off. When we arrived at our destination I took off the blindfold and we were at the airport! I was totally and completely confused and thought we were picking someone up – all the way up to the moment I printed our boarding passes to San Fransisco! We spent the day in the Bay City taking in the sights, shops, food and then watched a show that I absolutely love with a passion, Cavalia. Even though I hadn’t seen it in almost 10 years, it was just as amazing as the first time I saw it.

What an incredible surprise, an amazing gift and a totally awesome guy!