Sales meeting this week so we did our big dinner tonight. We went to a nice restaurant and ordered appetizers, drinks, salads, dinner… Everything was going great, the food was great – I even tried escargot – then the waiter came out and said right before our meals came up there was a kitchen fire and they were unable to serve anything else! Then the fire dept showed up and the fire Marshall shut the whole place down for the night so we had to go to another restaurant! Long night!



The “New” Project 365

2012 has arrived and 2011 went by in a flash. I realized this year how much I missed blogging but even more so how much I miss revisiting the little things that made up my day to day life. I decided that since the wedding is now 3 1/2 short months away (wow) and the days are going to start going by in a blur, that I will start a new Project 365 and capture all of the small and great moments that will make up this next year of my life. This is going to be one great year and I don’t want to miss a thing. 🙂

So with no further ado – Day 1 of the next 365 days of my life.

Back on the Horse!

The wedding horse that is! After a 2+ month hiatus I am quickly getting back into wedding planning mode. I’m moving from obessing over mortgage rates, escrow hiccups and couch colors to wedding palettes, guest lists, cupcakes and dresses!

Only 8 months to go – I’d better get a move on!



We are spending the weekend in Northern CA to celebrate my fiances’ Grandmothers 80th birthday. Her friends & family came together to surprise her at the restaurant she meets her girlfriends at for their monthly “girls night”. Seeing this tiny 80 woman surrounded by her best girlfriends brings a feeling of familiarity & even though they spoke in Japanese I understand what the giggles and knowing looks between these women mean. It warms my soul and makes cherish the women in my life even more than I do now.