Project 365 – Happy Birthday!!!

I can’t believe I made it one year – 365 days of photos! It was much harder than I thought but for different reasons that I had imagined. Some days were easy, a birthday or special event, a celebration or just taking pictures of a beautiful day outdoors. Some days I had to get creative and search out something interesting to shoot a photo of, or just be creative trying to snap a candid shot of someone in my life. On some days I was just lazy and posted a lame photo – sorry! And some days were not so great and I had to struggle to find something positive to post as to not dwell on that bad day.

All in all this was a fun, insightful experience and I what I love most about it is that I find myself searching out the best part of my day on a subconscious level just to have something positive to end the day on. And although I am not going to continue with a daily photo, I still plan on chronicling all the fabulous adventures ahead for my family, my friends and myself.

So for now, here are some of the highlights from the last 365 days of my life – enjoy! 🙂

Project 365 from Heidi Parfrey on Vimeo.


Unnecessarily Important

I’ve been driving myself crazy the past couple of days trying to find a receipt. I checked everywhere (even the recycle bin) but it was no where to be found. Finally, out of desperation I dumped the contents of my purse to try to locate it. This happens way to often but somehow I deem everything in there entirely necessary to carry around – just in case the need arises for:

1. A spare bag (which I always forget to use at the store)
2. Makeup (although it is rare that I re-apply, in fact almost never)
3. Tylenol (which my dear CT uses way more than me!)
4. Peppermints which are always roaming loose in my purse
5. Expired coupon (of course)
6. Lady things
7. Granola Bars
8. Wallet (probably full of more crap than I need too)
9. Coupon I will probably never use OR forget that I have & pay for the item without it.
10. iTunes free download card from Starbucks – great idea but I always forget to redeem and carry these around forever
11. Pepper spray. Enough said.
12. An old list
13. Work badge
14. Sunglasses case
15. Bag that peppermints were once in, now just more junk in my purse.
16. Bag-o-essentials – i.e. toothpicks, vitamins & medicines, who knows what else…
17. Keys with mini-dog-kong because…well I don’t know, I just have it!
18. Lotion – yes, an absolute necessity
19. The receipt – thank you!