Dear Summer – Thanks for Nothing!

As we entered into our final week of summer, the heat finally came and it came with a vengeance. Tuesday was probably the hottest day on record – perfect timing since it was school registration day. After spending 30 minutes inside a muggy gym, we had the pleasure of standing in line outside in the blazing hot sun for what felt like an hour waiting for school books.

After dropping the kids back at home and taking my *second* shower of the day, I returned to work to pass the time untill taco Tues happy hour – whoop-whoop! Unfortunately out on the patio – which is usually nice this time of year – felt like a sauna; the air was not moving AT ALL! Thankfuly the company was great and it was probably one of the most hilarious happy hours I’ve been to in a while but I was grateful when the check came. I was estatic to get back to my air-conditioned car…where I promptly removed the most suffocating piece of clothing I had on – FINALLY RELIEF!

Always Luv... Heidi


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