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Orion made a list of what he wants me to pick up at the store today…

Misadventures in Car Shopping

After a long and *painful* journey to replace my car, the day finally came! I called ahead the day before and went to the dealership to meet with my “Sales Guy”, test drive, and narrow my choices. By that evening I had my mind made up on what I wanted so when Christine and I headed out bright and early the next morning we were looking forward to getting in and getting out and on with our day.

That – is – not – what – happened – at – ALL!

We arrived at 9:15am to find a group of salesmen milling about in front of the dealership. They informed us that they weren’t open for another 15 minutes but we were welcome to wait with them…umm, thanks but no thanks. We headed for the nearest Starbucks. We returned 20 minutes later, coffee in hand to discover the group of salesmen had nearly doubled yet the doors to the dealership were not open since their manager (who was apparently MIA) was the only one with the key.

We sat in the car and waited, stood outside the car and waited, walked the parking lot while we waited – still no manager. At some point “Sales Guy” spots us and comes over to make small talk and excuses for the still missing manager. We explain to him that we are ready to rock and roll and in a hurry and need to be out by noon. My coffee is gone by this point and I’m starting to get restless… Finally he decides to take us across the street to their sister dealership and use their computers to start the process. Great – progress!

Nope. Turns out the other dealership has computers older than dirt and after waiting 20 minutes for him to boot it up and log in, he can’t enter information for his dealership. Wonderful. So back across the street we go.

Finally, the manager makes an appearance and opens shop. In we go. Sales Guy says first, we need to go to the upper lot to pick out my car. To get to the lot we take 3 flights of stairs to a back lot, cross the back lot and come to a locked gate!

Sales Guy says !@#$! and back across the back lot we go, down the 3 flights of stairs, and back into the show room. Sales guys says – “Pick a car off the computer for now and they will get it ready while we do all the paperwork and finance stuff.” I ask him 2-3 times – “are all the white model II’s the same inside? “Yes” sales our confident Sales Guy. On to pick the car again. Back up the 3 flights of stairs, out to the back lot, cross the back lot….and I get to see my new car. Great, progress! Nope. The car we choose has a different interior color…Sales Guy looks confused…

I pick out a new car, take a quick test drive and put dibs on my car.

Now back across the back lot we go again, down the 3 flights of stairs, and back into the show room. (Our thighs are starting to burn…) Now onto paperwork…

Sales Guy is putting together the final numbers and oops…didn’t know “white” paint cost more because it’s pearly… and oops, the down is slightly more than he had mentioned over the phone… Meanwhile, our stomachs are starting to growl and we are getting giddy, Sales Guy offers us a soda – but oops, doesn’t have any dollars for the vending machine. Fine – I’l pay for the %#$@!! white paint and the extra down!! Sales Guy says, “By the way, when your customer service survey arrives in the mail, make sure you give me a *perfect* rating…as that is how I get paid”. Are you %#$@! serious right now?!

Sales Guys says, time to go to finance and he will get the car washed and ready while we are up there (up meaning back up the %#$@! stairs).

Finance Guy is in a ice-box of an office and selling the hell out of the options. Christine makes a quick call to Huan AKA “William” for advice and I decline all but the alarm – Finance Guy is happy and we are happy we are almost done. After a million signatures, finance is complete and we are on our way – whoo hoo!

Nope. Sales Guy comes up to inform us car is still being washed (WTF??!!!) and sits in the lobby to watch the soccer game with us. He leaves a few times to check on the car (might have felt the ice cold glares from two starving, cranky women…?) and eventually locates the car and tells us to meet him outside.

Out we go and surprise, we are waiting, and waiting, and waiting. We find a way to keep ourselves entertained…

Finally Sales Guy arrives with my car! Great, a quick run down should be sufficient and then we can get the hell outta there! Nope. Sales Guy doesn’t know how to work the car, needs to call for backup. Manager arrives (at least he’s good for something) and runs through the car quickly and pats Sales Guy on the back and leaves again. Sales Guy gives us a small overview and reminds us of his stellar performance and how I need to give him that perfect rating. I’ll give you a rating all right….

Finally! Pulling out of the dealership at 12:45, ravenous and happy to be in my Marshmallow. 🙂 A million thanks to Christine for being my rock and putting up with this crazy day with me!! 🙂

Always Luv... Heidi