Double Post Today~

So today was a busy day as far as blogging goes because today I have TWO big things I want to blog about!

Zachary had his first robotics competition tonight and it went much differently then he or I expected it to. I showed up to a very stressed out kid, who was not being so patient with his teammates. I pulled him aside and talked to him a little but apparently it wasn’t enough to ease his nerves. He had been previously chosen to control the robot in the competition, something that for Zach should be a piece of cake. But regardless, either nerves or frustration caused him to freeze up and completely forget how to manuever his robot which in turn caused his team to lose the round. Zach was devastated. Rich, his coach and I all tried to explain to him that this happens and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but it’s all about the team, etc, etc… It seemed that he wasn’t going to pull out of it. But he took a time out and some time to collect himself and returned to his team ready to compete. They had two more events to compete in and they placed 2nd overall. Lot’s of lessons learned today and some humility for Zach as well.

For me, I was having a stressful day so what else to do but go home at lunch and start a project! It took me all of my lunch hour and a few hours after work as well but I ended up with something that (I hopefully will wear) and am pretty proud of. AND – I don’t tend to feel stressed when I’m working on a project so it helped there as well. 🙂

Always Luv... Heidi


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