The Night of the Apocalypse

This post doesn’t count for today because I took the photos yesterday but I had to post it anyway because it was pretty funny.

We unexpectedly lost power yesterday to our whole block and SDG&E was out in full force digging up the roads trying to find the issue. The kids *FREAKED* out. No TV, no INTERNET….they didn’t know what to do with themselves disconnected from the world. Orion immediately bailed to a friend’s house and Zach paced the house. He even went down chat with the power guys to see “what the problem” was.

It was pretty funny watching the chaos this little power outage caused. All my neighbors were out walking their dogs and actually “talking” to one another! I grabbed a couple of camping lanterns, lit some candles and enjoyed some peace and quiet. And a little beading by candlelight. I think we are going to start having mandatory “power outage” nights at my house once in a while. 🙂