Get Up. Get Dressed. Go to Work. Repeat.

(Or, Why I Hate Mornings)

You would think since I’ve done this routine a million times over I would have it down pat by now but no. Every day it’s a challenge all over again…

Should I hit snooze? Yes. Should I hit it again? Yes. Do I really need an hour to get ready? Umm, maybe not this time? Oh shit! Rush into shower. Should I use this shampoo or the new one, which body wash today – fruit or flower?Don’t care just pick one Maybe I can close my eyes for just a sec? Um, No. Time to get out, shoot – did I shave both legs? Dammit. Makeup or hair first? Makeup so I can sit. Good choice. Which eyeshadow today? Don’t know, don’t know what I’m wearing. Doesn’t matter, just pick one… Mascara… definitely. Which lipstick goes with this eyeshadow anyway? Sigh.

Ok, hair. Up? Down, up, pulled back? No. Going to wear my bangs out today. Nevermind, too much work, just walk away….

Oh the closet, I hate this part. I can’t believe I wanted EVERY item in that closet at one time? Ok, pick jeans first – jeans are easy. Pick a pair you HAVEN’T worn yet this week. These will work. Ok, time for a top. This is really cute, or this or maybe this? No, no and um, no. Ok, try this one, we haven’t worn it in a long time. Oh God I really need to go to the gym. Ok, fine. I’m just going to settle for something with a cardigan. Cardigans are my friends. Ok, jewelry, easy-peasy. No, that makes you look ridiculous. Ok, maybe this – I never wear this I should wear it today. Try again. Fine. Just wear the basics – it worked yesterday. This works. Shoes. Maybe I could wear… Not even getting into with you today. Just boots, no fuss. Good, except they don’t go with these jeans… Just grab the ones off the chair that I wore yesterday and fly to work because I’m late!

Always Luv... Heidi


2 thoughts on “Get Up. Get Dressed. Go to Work. Repeat.

  1. OMG, loL! this is awesome loved it! Hey- I know your pain. That’s why I have opted to set a uniform for work and my hair always up!not sure why takes me so long still though.. Love this post!

  2. Here is my morning:
    – wake up
    – play a game on iphone
    – check facebook and email on iphone
    – get out of bed finally (an hour later)
    – walk & feed the dogs
    – rush to get in/out of the shower
    – blow dry my hair
    – find anything to wear and I do many anything (we are lucky I’m wearing something by the time I get to work)
    – frantically blow dry my hair forget the make-up no freaking time
    – frantically run out the door throwing treats to the dog feeling completely guilty leaving her alone all day
    – frantically drive my five-ten minute drive to work to arrive a half hour late…. like every day

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