Yesterday was such a sad day marked by the discovery of Chelsea Kings body at Lake Hodges. Rich saw the candlelight vigil as he drove to the house and said the amount of people there were staggering. I feel an overwhelming feeling of sadness, but more so I feel angry that this predator even had the chance to roam freely in search of this poor girl. I feel a sense of helplessness – wish I knew how to turn that into something positive. It seems that everyone is trying to find a way to understand and cope with this tragedy. 

The kids are definitely affected as well. Brianna decided to take a karate/self defense class and Zach wanted to go with her. While they were at class we went to dinner with Rich’s parents. We don’t see them nearly as often as we should being that they live so close. It was really nice to have a nice long dinner and catch up on everything. Roy is growing a beard and looks like Grizzly Adams…I should have taken a photo! It’s a good look for him. 

Karate lessons

Karate lessons

Later, when we picked up Zach he said that he had really enjoyed the class and wanted to join as well. Rich had also taken karate as a kid so once we were home Zach was excited to show us all that he had learned and Rich was equally excited to show Zach some new manuevers as well. It was pretty entertaining watching the two of them, I’m looking forward to more in-home lessons! Maybe when we get better at it we can hold a “ass-kicking class” for the girls!

All of the sadness from Chelsea made those family moments seem more precious today. It’s sad to say but maybe there is something positive that comes from such tragedy and it’s that it makes you hold these moments close to your heart and appreciate the ones you love even more.


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