Today, I Was Good.

I said NO to these….And YES to this…



Going home for lunch is such a nice treat…unless of course I break into the junk food while I’m there! AHHHHHH!

Perfect :)

Sunday was yet another beautiful Spring day and made even better by the fact that I got to wake-up-slow (which by the way is one of my VERY favorite things to do)! Rich had to work and the kids were gone so I got the rare opportunity to spend a good part of the morning/afternoon all alone in my house. I was so excited!! I opened all the windows to hear the birds (no TV/video games) and tackled a project I started weeks ago but hadn’t found the time yet to finish.

Thanks to the many blogs I’m now obsessed with I found the most amazing tip on how to hang groups of photos evenly. Sorry but I can’t remember which blog it was so I’ll recap the instructions…

1. Use a large sheet of paper (I used the back of a sheet of wrapping paper) and lay out the frames in the order you want to put on your wall & trace outlines around each frame. (Even handier tip – mark the location of the hanger on the back of each frame.)
2. Hang the paper in the location on the wall where the frames will go.
3. Hammer your nails OVER the paper but remove the paper BEFORE putting up the frames (Notice I missed this step).
4. Hang your pictures…

5. Ta-dah! You’re done! (Somehow mine are still slightly crooked – go figure) I’m pretty proud of my work and not having taken out half the drywall just to hang photos! 🙂

Later, when Rich and Sara came we went to lunch at the Bernardo Winery followed by wine tasting. YUM! We got a glass of our favorite wine, walked the winery, window shopped, soaked up some sun, listened to a little jazz…just perfect! We rounded out the evening by throwing a steak on the BBQ, some YouTube and watched Zombieland with Sara and Zach. What a perfect end to a perfect weekend! 🙂

Always Luv... Heidi

I Love San Diego!!

I love it when people come from out-of-town and we have the excuse to be tour guides in our own city. These are the times when you are so proud to be a San Diegan! Sara is here to work with Rich for the week so we took her to Solana Beach for the BEST pizza in the world (yup, Pizza Port) and to my favorite boutiques for some window shopping. Then we headed down to Coronado to see the Hotel Del and the beautiful houses and views that surround it.

Later that evening after dropping Sara off we went to play poker. Not only did I HANG IN THERE, but I held my own for a good portion of the game! Sadly, neither one of us won but it was a fun game and good company. I’m looking forward to the next one for sure!

Always Luv... Heidi

House Partay

Our loveable friend Mr. Mike Schwaab is leaving for Australia in less than 2 weeks so we attended his goodbye bash. I opted out of playing dizzy ball (which starts with shooting beer from a whiffle ball bat before spinning in circles and taking a swing at the empty beer car being hurled at you) but thoroughly enjoyed watching the talent of others …. including Rich! It was definitely an interesting night and I was beyond happy when our friends showed up! Co-eds, cops, dizzy ball & beer pong…oh I’m getting old…

Always Luv... Heidi